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Rick Gingerelli

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Taurus (April 20th)

Hails from Duluth, MN

(Bob Dylan is not the only "star" from the Twin Ports)

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Dave Wing   

Guitar & Vocals

Capricorn (January 8th)

Hails from Owatonna, MN

(NOT New York City as you've been led to believe at our shows!)

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Billy Thayer

Drums & Cymbals

Gemini (June 18th)

Hails from Robbinsdale, MN

(However, Billy prefers Minneapolis or "Hooters" as home base)

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Bobby Thayer

Vocals & Bass

Taurus (April 23rd)

Hails from Robbinsdale, MN



Roger Anderson


Capricorn (January 6th)

Hails from Peoria, IL

(Half-way between Chicago & St. Louis, "Get it.")

web site:

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For more Roger pics go here

"Thanks for everyone who supported me over the years.  I had a great career

and I send my sincere appreciation and best wishes

on the continued success to my best friends in Knight Crawler"

                                                          Roger  Anderson   8/7/04

Bret Deising

Vocals & Bass

Capricorn (January 15th)

Hails from Manistee, MI

(And is forever at Carla's side)

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Bret is no longer with Knight Crawler and is currently raising a family in

Western Minnesota. We wish him the best of luck!

"Sweet Mary" Video Stars & crew

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Special thanks to the crew

for their dedication & support!


Chris Nelson

Drum Tech/Special Effects & band support

for every job that nobody else cared to do




Ron Schreiner (Roadie Ron)

Road Manager/Guitar Tech

web site: A440 Graphics


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